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Film Studio Gatteo


Office space for production companies

Office space for rental is located on the ground and 1st floor of the main building. The offices have all the necessary facilities and are fully equipped for the immediate use by production companies. The ground floor is usually taken by art department due to the big window and glass section providing day light.

The 1st floor is always rented to a single production company. The entire space is locked and alarmed.

Recently, Film Studio Gatteo housed the production companies producing the French film „Faubourg 36“ directed by Christophe Barratier and the production of the American film „Solomon Kane“ directed by Michael J. Bassett.

Other buildings on the studio complex can be used for costume storage or as workshops for costume manufacturing or coloring. We can also offer space for props manufacturing or for costume and make-up tests.


A spacious rehearsal room can be used for casting and training for actors or dancers.



Additional buildingsAdditional buildingsAdditional buildings
Additional buildingsAdditional buildingsAdditional buildings
Additional buildingsAdditional buildings



It is our pleasure to let you know that Juraj Herz and Jiří Machánĕ has won Best Director and Best Cinematographer at the 2009 South African HORRORFEST Film Festival. FEATURE FILMS: Best Director Juraj Herz (for T.M.A. - The Missing Address) Best Cinematography Jiří Machánĕ (for T.M.A. - The Missing Address) _more

7.3.2009 Převzal pan režisér Juraj Herz Českého lva za dlouholetý přínos České kinematografii. _more